A corporate physical environment must present an impressive and inviting character for visitors. The presence of high impact architectural or artistic elements separates one corporation from another. Has your corporation searched for an element that produces a lasting mental impression of professionalism, stability, and prosperity?

First impressions strengthen the visual “corporate image” of any business for potential and existing clients; an important design component that enhances comfort levels with your company. At LASERDIT, we believe each visual setting has its own palette of preferred materials and details based on the need for greater visual impact, functional relationships, or message delivery requirements.

The introduction of defined site development elements within your corporation’s Architectural Settings will visually generate and propagate the “corporate image” your company needs to succeed.

Examples include:

Engraved granite wall hangings

Engraved and edge-lit heavy glass signage

Stunning veneer inlay enhanced furniture such as boardroom tables

Display materials such as engraved and edge-lit acrylic panels

Corporate giftware that strongly reminds clients of these very elements