There are many ways to customize a residential setting, from floors to fireplaces.
LASERDIT manufactures and supplies the finest quality custom artistic and construction decorative elements for homes. Combining years of experience and the European heritage in decorative arts, traditional craftsmanship and some of the most advanced technology available today, we specialize in new developments, renovations, or artistic projects.

Household decoration is a bit of a catch-all category, containing such diverse items as decorative and ornamental china to bird cages. The common thread among these objects is the impulse to embellish households in a unique, custom, personalized way. While many or most of the design elements found in LASERDIT households are decorative, often, as in the case of tables, preserving and even enhancing function is paramount as well.

Please scroll through our Gallery Designs where we showcase ceiling and floor medallions, engraved tiles and ornaments, fireplace mantels, and veneer inlay centric artwork and furniture. Whether you are a homeowner, an interior decorator, a developer, a designer, or an architect, we are certain that you will find here both the excellence and the value expected for your special project.